ISP Johar Chhattisgarh’s treasurer Dr.Jitendra Saraf congratulated the successful organization of event ISP Parichay.


The treasurer of the Indian Society of Periodontology, Johar, Chhattisgarh, congratulated the successful organization of Perio introduction.

Indian Society of Periodontology (ISP) Johar Chhattisgarh’s ISP periodontology program was organized. On this occasion, Treasurer Jitendra Saraf congratulated everyone and said that it is a great honor to be Treasurer and lectured by eminent speakers from all over India like Delhi, Pune, Kerala from National Office to thirty six PG students and Periodontists of Zgarh. 

With the series came the chance to organize great events like Perio Parichay. , Bhubaneswar, Nagpur, Amravati, Indore, Chennai, great participation and great team effort by all that contributed to the success of the event.It was attended by more than 150 participants.

On this occasion National President ISP Dr. Abhay Kolte, National Secretary ISP Dr. Harpreet Grover, President – Dr. Shailendra Chaturvedi, Secretary – Dr. Saurabh Bhandari, Treasurer – Dr. Jitendra Saraf,State Representative in the National Office – Dr. Vaibhav Tiwari and all Dr. Smriti, Laxmikant, Tarun, Parul, Priya, Sangeeta, Amit, Shrimohan were present.

Renowned speaker 
Dr Abhay kolte – Nagpur 
Dr HS Grover – Delhi 
Dr Ashish jain – Chennai 
Dr shubhash raj – Bhuveneshwar 
Dr Rohit Mishra – Indore 
Dr Anil Melath – Kerala 
Dr Sachin k Malagi – Durg 
Dr raja Shreedhar – Bilaspur 
Dr Kartik Krishna – Durg
Dr Rajat Sehgal – Delhi 
Dr Suchita vanjare – Pune
Dr Khustob Thakre – Amravati


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